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We are always looking for experienced professionals to join the team, in a recruitment, marketing or training capacity. Please send us your CV and we will be in touch.

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We are the first company in Dubai to provide comprehensive training services for families - parent, maid, nanny, houseboy, cook or driver. Training is a great motivational tool for domestic staff and helps you ensure you get Five Star Service!  No more shrunken sweaters, no more burnt meals, no more dust that can create allergies inchildren, no poor decisions in case of injury…

Our training courses take place in the comfort of your home in order to provide ultimate personalised service. Broken down into 4 hour sessions, your maid will be given all the hands on training she needs, a course handbook in and a Certificate of Attendance!  On their side, employers receive a written report detailing all areas covered and to be improved after every training.

Maids can be trained in 4 major fields:   housekeeping, laundry, serving etiquette and good manners, and first aid.


First Aid Training 

Laundry Housekeeping Training
first aid training

Teaching the Life Saving Gestures

Our DCAS approved trainers are now offering First Aid Courses to parents, nannies and corporates.  Choose from our wide range of programs and languages and bring safety into your home and work.

Perfect Ironing at Last

Would you like to have a housekeeper who can iron a shirt correctly? Need your closets organised? Tired of shrunken sweaters? Our professional trainers can help with just that... in 4 hours!

Dreaming of a 5* Home

It is our goal to bring 5 star hotel standards to the homes of the UAE. We train housekeepers in all Emirates to clean your home efficiently and to perfection.


                                            The Perfect Help LLC, PO Box 928040, 7 Ibri House, Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.  info@theperfecthelp.com  tel. +971 (4) 330 7544/ 7095

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